This Free Solar Guide Will Help You Choose the Right Solar Company

You hate fossil fuels (coal, oil). You’re worried about climate change (who isn’t?). And you LOVE the idea of going solar (it’s great!). BUT…you have no idea how exactly solar works, what it will cost you, or how to find a reliable solar contractor who will do a great job at a reasonable cost. That’s why you need the Free Solar Guide. It’s the best guide I’ve seen for helping to explain how solar works and the many options people have for putting solar on their roofs.

In fact,’s Free Solar Guide is one of the reasons why I’ve teamed up with these solar experts. I am completely committed to helping us get off polluting oil and coal as soon as possible.

Solar energy delivers the clean electricity we all need, but choosing the right solar system at an affordable price can be time-consuming and even confusing.

Here’s Why’s Free Solar Guide is Unusually Helpful:

√It explains exactly how solar works.

√It gives you access to an online solar marketplace so you don’t have to run around tracking down a bunch of contractors yourself.

√It shows you the different financing options available to help you pay for your solar panels.

√You get your own dedicated representative to help you navigate the solar buying process and compare solar offers.

√It’s easy, straightforward and hassle-free!

Using the guide, you’ll be able to tell if your system is fairly priced – and how to shed extra expenses to bring down its cost.

The free solar guide will also help you make sure that your system is truly designed to fit your needs.

And guess what? If your house isn’t right for solar, will tell you. They’re not in business to try and sell you anything you don’t need or can’t use.

free solar guide

What’s So Great About Solar?

We all need electricity. But we don’t need to burn fossil fuels to get it.

Using coal, oil and natural gas releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that causes climate change. Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air with smog and tiny particles that can trigger asthma free solar guideattacks and even heart attacks. And mining coal, drilling for oil and fracking for natural gas is wrecking the environment by destroying Nature and polluting our groundwater.

Solar is clean energy that we can control ourselves.

Plus, putting solar on your home increases the value of your home just about as much as if you redid the kitchen or added a “bonus” room to your house. And because solar reduces your utility bills significantly, it actually pays for itself over time.

No Risk/No Obligation: Download Your Free Solar Guide Right Here protect epa

Downloading your free solar guide puts you under no obligation to actually go solar. It simply gives you a great way to learn more and then get help if you need or want it.

That’s why I downloaded it. I recommend you do, too.

Note: Partnerships with companies like enable us to connect you to products and services that will help you live the green and healthy life you want. We wouldn’t recommend them (and partner with them) if we didn’t believe they weren’t among the best. As ever, our editorial opinions remain our own. Thanks.





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    Great info Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

    • Diane April 19, 2017 at 8:21 am #

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad it was helpful.

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