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Fabrics & Furniture

environmentally friendly furniture, recycled furniture, green furniture, renewable furniture• Buying furniture and fabric made from recycled materials like steel and even soda bottles saves energy, water and many natural resources.
• Furniture made from wood that has been “reclaimed” from warehouses, abandoned buildings, and riverbed floors helps keep forests intact.
• Fabrics woven from organic cotton and hemp significantly reduce the amount of pesticides applied to the land.



For Your Shopping List


environmentally-friendly fabrics
Green Sage offers organic fabric for reupholstering furniture, draperies or cushions
Anna Sova offers eco-safe silk and organic cotton drapery.
Loop Fabric features organic muslin, linen, hemp, silk, corduroy, canvas, and knits.

Interface Fabrics markets Terratex, a fabric made from recycled polyester, corn-based “PLA” fibers and sustainable wool.
Clothworks sell organic cotton upholstery. Furnature's SafeWash removes unpleasant fabric finish and dye odors from almost any fabric.
Do-it-yourself Organics at Heart of Vermont offers twills and flannels, as well as organic cotton and pure wool pillow kits and organic cotton futon covers.



Viridian has compiled a great list of manufacturers that create a wide variety of environmentally comfortable sofas, chairs, desks and stools. Get a cup of tea, put on your favorite music, and go ahead and browse!



affordable eco friendly furniture
Start at Ikea. The company is making a real effort to build its furniture out of sustainably grown wood. Ask to see the “green” furniture in your local Ikea outlet.
Consider antiques, which rack up nothing in additional energy, water and other manufacturing costs.
Try consignment. If the new eco-furniture you want seems out of your price range, sell your old furniture on consignment and use the proceeds to help defray the new purchase costs.
Shop at crafts fairs. Look for artisanal furniture made from salvaged wood and metal, organic wool and cotton, and a variety of recycled fabrics
Swap. Rather than buy new, swap furniture with friends, neighbors or family members.
Explore E-Bay.

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