Be One in a Million!

Be One In a Million. Pledge to Spend One-thousand Dollars ResponsiblyOne of the fastest, easiest, most effective ways to protect the environment is by shifting money you already spend to eco-friendly goods and services.

The more money you spend on green products, the more you encourage manufacturers to reduce pollution, save energy and water, use less packaging and protect natural areas.

environmental shoppingIn fact, if a million women intentionally shift at least $1000 of their existing budget to environmentally-friendly products, we can have a noticeable ONE BILLION DOLLAR IMPACT in the marketplace.

Where to start?

You can have the biggest impact by picking one commodity and shifting all $1,000 to it. Some of the most important options (and ones that should be readily available in your neighborhood as well as on-line) include:

____ Organic, locally grown food (reduce pesticides)

____ Energy-efficient appliances (stop global warming)

____ Phthalate-free cosmetics (protect your health)

____ Fuel-efficient car (save energy, clear the air)

____ Fair trade, shade grown coffee (protect rainforests)

____ Non-toxic cleansers (protect your health, reduce toxins)

Alternatively, you can spread your spending among the variety of eco-friendly products and services that you need to manage your household (see Shop Green Here on the home page to get started). You'll probably find that you'll end up shifting far more than the initial $1,000 you pledge.

That would be great because the key to getting literally the biggest bang for your buck is this: the more money you shift, the bigger impact you'll have.

Ready to sign up? You can get a free Balance Sheet to help you get started when you join the Big Green Purse One in a Million Campaign.

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