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Buying/Recycling Electronics

Energy Star ElectronicsBuying Electronics?

Both the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and Greenpeace rate electronics companies on the progress they make in reducing their use of toxic substances. Use their report cards to choose the most socially and environmentally responsible company in the marketplace.

Then, check out your equipment options at the Energy Star website.


Recycle Computer Parts and ElectronicsRecycle Electronics

Cell phones, computers, printers, monitors, fax machines and copiers are loaded with toxic metals and chemicals that pollute groundwater and contaminate the air. They can also poison workers who dismantle the machines if they're not properly trained. Make a difference by recycling all the electronic gear you discard.


RIPMobile- Recycle Inactive Phones - Send them your old phone and accessories; receive a gift certificate to redeem at Circuit City or Starbucks.

CollectiveGood - Recycle your phone and donate redeemable points to an environmental charity.

AT&T and Cingular Re-use & Recycle - Both companies recycle used wireless phones, accessories, and batteries; check local storefronts.

FedEx/Kinkko's - Drop-off boxes in their outlets accept cell phones.

eBay - Trade still working electronics is on eBay's EZ Trade-In site.

Swaptree - Trade CDs, DVDs and video games

Staples - This retailer accepts cell phones, printer toner cartridges, computers, printers, monitors, fax machines and other e-waste, though not televisions.

Earth911 - For information to help you recycle televisions and other electronics, plug in your zip code here.

GreenDisk - Recycles laser discs and VHS tapes.

Inveneo - The company distributes used flash drives to students, aid workers and small business entrepreneurs in the developing world.  Make sure to erase your data before recycling the drive.

Computer companies - Dell and Apple will recycle your old computer for free when you buy a new one from them. HP offers trade-in discounts on new hardware if you recycle your computer there. NOTE: Remember to erase the memory of your cell pone or computer hard drive before you recycle it.

Donate - Local schools, charities, or Close the Gap  and Digital Links refurbish your old electronic gear and put it to good use.

Recycle - Get the Top Ten ways to recycle electronics here.

Get a Power Strip - Electronics consumer 40% of the energy they use when they're turned off! Save energy by plugging into a power strip. See models here.



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