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Safe ToysLooking for safe, eco-friendly, battery-free toys for babies, toddlers and older children?
Check out …

Whittle Shorline Railroad
Maple Landmark Toys
Natural Pod


Green Toys

Baby Bunz

Honeysuckle Dreams
Progressive Kid

Our Green House

Sage Baby

Eco Fabulous
Great Green Baby

Pristine Planet

Cool Mom Picks

The Green Guide

Toys 2Plus, take a look at this catalogue of arts and craft supplies that minimize indoor air pollution.

More Ideas:

• Get a copy of Shopper's Guide to Toxic-Free Kids, suggestions from Environment California that will help you make healthy purchases next time you go shopping for your children.

• Give alternatives to toys, like outings to a favorite park, museum, or children's theater.


Toys 3• Make your own. Here are easy homemade playdough recipes and fun arts-and-crafts projects.

For more information on hazards in kids’ toys, visit the Family page of our sister site,

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