Why Wooden Sunglasses are Better than Plastic

wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have entered the fashion world, and maybe just at the right time.

Plastic has become such a huge problem in the oceans and for wildlife, and causes so many public health problems, any time we can choose a non-plastic alternative when we shop, we should! That includes for eyewear – sunglasses as well as regular glasses.

For Earth Day, we’ve teamed up with SmartBuy’s Wooden collection to let you know that wooden sunglasses are available. Specifically, in this post, I:

• highlight the benefits of choosing non-plastic frames for sunglasses as well as regular eye glasses.

• suggest ways to extend the life of your glasses so you don’t have to keep buying anew

• tell you where you can donate your glasses rather than throw them away when you need a new prescription

Why are Wooden Sunglasses Better than Plastic?

There’s already too much plastic in the world! By some estimates, there is more plastic in the oceans than fish!! In fact, fish are eating microplastic, which means that we humans may end up eating plastic ourselves. Microplastic is turning up in other foods, too, like sea salt.

Plus, manufacturing plastic creates a host of pollution and health problems.

With so many better alternatives available, there’s no need to choose plastic!

For example, Woody’s Barcelona offers a wide range of wooden sunglasses that come in a variety of individually carved wood materials, including bamboo, recycled skateboard, and sustainably managed forests. Despite the frames being made out of wood, the eyewear is available in many fun colors and trendy shapes, such as square, semi-rimless, cat-eye and circle styles.

You may also find glasses frames made from recycled newspapers and recycled metal.

recycled glasses frames

How to Extend the Life Of Your Glasses

• Remove the scratches
• Repair the arms
• Protect glasses from breaking and getting scratched

Like anything you buy, it makes sense to use it as long as you can. Glasses will last for years (or until you need a new prescription) if you take care of them properly.

One reason why you may be tempted to throw your glasses away is because the lenses got scratched. No doubt about it, scratched lenses can be really annoying!

No matter how small a scratch is, it can interfere with your line of vision. It can make them look cheap and used, too.

Here’s how I extend the life of my glasses and sunglasses.

Make an All-Natural Scratch Remover Solution

It’s super easy to apply and once done, your lenses will appear to be brand new. Just follow the below steps to clean up your scratched glasses.

1. Clean Your Glasses
First, clean the surface of your lenses to see where the scratches actually are. Make sure to use a cleaner (specifically for glasses) and a clean micro-fiber cloth.

remove scratches from glasses2. Apply Scratch Remover
Next, dab a mild toothpaste on the scratched lens and rub it gently with a cotton bud or ball. To remove the toothpaste, rinse the lens with cool water. If the scratch is deep, you might need to repeat this process a few times. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water. Mix the soda and water until you achieve about the same consistency as toothpaste and apply onto the lens in the same way.

3. Apply Scratch Filling
Apply a scratch filling product if deep scratches remain. Simply rub wax onto the lens with a clean micro-fiber cloth, and then wipe it off with a clean area of the cloth. You need to re-apply the wax once a week for the best results.

You can see the full guide on how to extend the life of your glasses here.

Repair Your Glasses

glasses repair kitIt’s common for the tiny screws that hold the arm of the frame to the lens to fall out. For just a couple of dollars, you can get a glasses repair kit that includes tiny replacement screws, as well as the tiny screwdriver you need to repair the glasses. Keep the kit handy so you can replace the screws, or tighten them up to keep them from falling out in the first place

Protect Your Glasses – Store Them in Their Case

I’m as guilty as the next person at treating my glasses and sunglasses carelessly. One way they’ll last longer is if you put them in a protective case before you throw them in your purse, briefcase or backpack. Most glasses come with some kind of cloth or hard-cover case. May as well use it.


The Lions Club collects used glasses and then recycles them. The non-profit organization collects them, then delivers them to regional recycling centers. The glasses are cleaned, sorted by prescription strength, then distributed to people in need, primarily in developing countries. In my community, the Lions have a collection bin in our local library. Many Walmart stores with vision Centers also collect glasses for the Lions’ effort. Go here to contact your local Lions club, or find the nearest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center.

wooden glasses

Buy One, Give One Campaign

In collaboration with global non-profit Unite for Sight, SmartBuyGlasses supports their Buy One, Give One campaign. For every pair of prescription lenses purchased from SmartBuyGlasses, a pair will be donated to a community in need. They firmly believe that everyone has the right to perfect vision regardless of their socio-economic situation and if you agree, you can feel happy that your purchase is going towards a great cause. You can read more about the Buy One, Give One cause here.

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