Organic Food is Better. End of Argument.

Why organic food is betterThe infographic below from the Organic Center explains why eating organic food is better for you and the planet. In short, producing organic food saves millions of gallons of drinking water. It reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals when we eat fruit and vegetables. It eliminates synthetic hormones in our milk. Producing organic food also reduces our use of oil, which helps keep the air cleaner and lessens climate change related to burning fossil fuels.

Most of us can buy some organic food at least some of the time. It’s available in grocery stores, on line, in farmers markets, even in convenience stores. Making even one shift – say, from conventionally produced milk to organic milk – is where a lot of people start. Yes, it might cost a couple of bucks more a week – but probably not more than any of us spend on some kind of crummy fast food take-out or a latte at the local coffee shop.

Have you started shifting to organic yet? Let us know what you’re doing and how it’s going.

organic is better

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