Vote for Me as Your “Hopenhagen” Ambassador

The Huffington Post is running a contest to send one person to the climate change talks in Copenhagen as their "Hopenhagen" ambassador. I am honored to have been nominated by the members of the Green Moms Carnival! I would love to attend, but I need your help. Actually, I need your votes. Several others have been nominated as well; the person who receives the most votes will win.
Can you please stop whatever you're doing right now and take just three minutes to go here to cast your vote.
The link will take you to my contest page (in case you don't recognize me, I'm the woman with the shortish brown hair and wearing the red shirt). (You may need to register at if you're not already registered there, but it's very quick to do so). I hope you'll vote and rate my video as a 10.
FACEBOOK?  If you have a Facebook page, please mention this contest on your page and provide the link so your friends can vote as well.
TWITTER?  If you're on twitter, please start tweeting about this using #votehope and @huffpostgreen.
And if you have a blog, I would appreciate it if you could post something like the following: 
I nominate Diane MacEachern, author, businesswoman, activist, and Green Mom to be the Huffington Post's "Hopenhagen" Ambassador.
Then e-mail the endorsement to: with a link back to your blog.
I would also really appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail to friends who may not be very active with social media but who can still go to HuffPost to vote.
The voting ends December 4, so I need as much support from you and your friends right now as possible.
Please let me know when you vote so I can help keep the tally going at my end.
Thanks so much!
P.S. I would have notified you sooner but there were a few technical glitches at the HuffPost end. Thanks for whatever you can do to help publicize this now.

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