Green Back to School: Triclosan-Free Hand Sanitizer

triclosan-free hand sanitizerAre your kids being asked to bring hand sanitizer with them when they go back to school? Look for triclosan-free hand sanitizer when you shop. It’s better for you as well as your kids.

5 Ways Triclosan is Wrong

Triclosan is a chemical compound that is added to many consumer products, especially hand sanitizer. It was designed to reduce or prevent the spread of germs. However, some research on animals shows that triclosan could affect the way the body regulates hormones.

1)  In males, it could reduce levels of testosterone, which could lead to learning disabilities or infertility.

2)  A similar compound, triclocarban, could increase production of estrogen and testosterone, which could lead to breast and prostate cancer.

3) Triclosan might also interfere with the normal development and function of the brain and reproductive system.

4) Many doctors worry that triclosan does the opposite of what was intended and actually contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

5) Plus, triclosan gets into our streams, rivers and lakes when it is in the personal care products we unknowingly put on our bodies and then wash down the drain. Researchers have found that antibacterial compounds like triclosan can interfere with the development of tadpoles into frogs and cause other mutations that could threaten the survival of birds, fish and other animals that live on or around our waters.

How Can You Tell if a Product Contains Triclosan?

Triclosan is an added ingredient that should be listed on the label of any product it contains. Before you buy hand sanitizer – or toothpaste, liquid soap, and other personal care products – read the label. If it says “triclosan,” leave it on the shelf.

Is Triclosan-Free Hand Sanitizer Available?

triclosan-free hand sanitizerBecause consumers are demanding healthier, safer alternatives, many companies that make hand sanitizer are now producing a triclosan-free option. Where you shop in person, read the label before you buy. If you can’t find a triclosan-free hand sanitizer on the shelf, ask the store manager to order one. The following triclosan-free products are also available online and in our Amazon store:


Cleanwell All Natural Hand Sanitizing Pocket Pack Wipes

EO Hand Sanitizing Gel

LA-Moon Organic Hand Sanitizer

Any other options you want us to carry in our store? Please let us know.

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