Third Toy Recall Makes for a Grim “Hat Trick”

This isn’t the kind of "hat trick" anyone would want to boast about.

Batman_2In yet another recall, Mattel today has asked parents to return almost 19 million toys made in China due to safety threats they pose from tiny magnets or lead paint. This action follows the millions of toys Mattel has already recalled in two earlier actions this summer (see July 8 blog, below) due to the  hazards the toys create for children.

One Chinese toy company manufacturer has supposedly committed suicide over the scandal. Mattel is taking out full-page newspaper ads claiming it has "one of the most trusted names with parents" and is "working extremely hard” to address parents’ concerns and “continue creating safe, entertaining toys for you and your children." Meanwhile, parents worry whether any toy made in China can be trusted.

What can you do?

* Call Mattel at 888-597-6597 for information about the recalled toys with magnets, or 800-916-4997 for information about other recalled items.

* Contact your member of Congress. Urge the federal government to do a better job inspecting toys that are imported from China and other countries.

* Tell your local toy store (Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, KayBee) you no longer intend to buy any toy imported from China.

* Find local toy manufacturers whose businesses you can support.

If you send me the name of local toy manufacturers who can show they use non-toxic materials in crafting their products, I’ll list the safe companies here so other parents can find them.

2 Responses to Third Toy Recall Makes for a Grim “Hat Trick”

  1. greenmom August 15, 2007 at 7:28 am #

    i am also planning to gather up some info on safe toys – just becuase i want to be sure the ones that i think are safe really are! many parents have said to just avoid things made in china, but seriously, that is really hard. everything seems to be made there these days. and sometimes just a part or an ingredient is sourced from china, so it may still say it is made somewhere else but contian some dangerous element ( i beleieve this was the case with the veggie booty recall).
    i look forward to seeing the list of safe toy info and i’ll definately send you anything i find. thanks!

  2. Madge August 15, 2007 at 7:42 am #

    First I had to toss Thomas the Train, yesterday I tossed Dora, and now today the NYTimes tells me my new Toys R Us bib might be tainted with lead.
    Obama said this morning that 86% of toys in this country are manufactured in China. I guess my kids will have to play with Tupperware.
    The thing that upsets me the most is that all the execs are blaming China, as if they had no role in outsourcing manufacturing to the lowest bidder. I read an interesting post about how the “pr spin” from Mattel and other individual companies obfuscates the bigger problem. Good read…

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