The Green Office Starter Kit Will Help You Waste Less, Breathe Better

Green Office Starter Kit Dolphin Blue

Whether you work at home or have a small business, you can have a big environmental impact depending on the paper products and cleaning products you use.

Our sponsor for this post, Dolphin Blue, has pulled together a “Green Office Starter Kit” to make it easier to waste less and create a healthier environment no matter where you work.

What’s included in your Green Office Starter Kit?

  • 100% Recycled paper – Producing 1 ton of non-recycled printing and office paper “from scratch” uses 24 trees. Making paper from recycled content saves trees. In fact, says Dolphin Blue, 1 ton (40) cartons of paper made up of 50% postconsumer (already been used) content copier paper saves 12 trees. Plus, it reduces the amount of trash that gets tossed in a landfill. The starter kit includes 1 ream/500 sheets of 100% postconsumer recycled paper.
  • Recycled Paper Towels – I generally advocate using reusable sponges rather than paper products to mop up spills. But if you do have to use paper towels, they should be made from postconsumer waste. The 2 rolls of Earth Friendly Products paper towels in the starter kit are made from 100% recycled material, 80% of which is postconsumer (the other 20% may come from paper scraps that were never used, but were incorporated into the paper towels rather than thrown away).
  • Facial Tissue – If a cloth hankie won’t do, at least choose facial tissues made from 100% recycled paper, as are the three Seventh Generation boxes included in Dolphin Blue’s kit.
  • Trash Bags – The trash bags in the kit are the tall 13-gallon variety, and made from 97% postconsumer recycled material.

Safe Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products contain potent chemicals that leave behind annoying fragrances or residues that can irritate our lungs and eyes and make us cranky and irritable. The best cleaning products do the job without making people sick. The Green Office Starter Kit includes:

  • Hand Soap – This Better Life No Regrets Soap is made from purified waters and plant-based ingredients, without sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, parabens, phthalates or triclosan. It has not been tested on animals, either.
  • All Purpose Cleaner – The Better Life what-EVER all purpose cleaner works on any washable non-porous surface, including countertops, appliances, sinks, toilets, walls, baseboards, floors, tables, chairs, showers and tubs. You can order it unscented or lightly scented with sage and citrus. 99.99% of the ingredients are derived from plants.

You can see additional green office products, including printer ink and toner, calendars and planners, and filefolders at the Dolphin Blue website.

dolphin blueSponsor: Dolphin Blue bills itself as “the first and only online ALL-green general store.” It was founded in 1994 on the belief that “we can all be responsible in what we use.” The company’s products contain a minimum of 20% post consumer recycled material whenever possible and are manufactured with a minimal carbon footprint. In addition to eco-friendly production, Dolphin Blue provides a portion of its profits annually to local chapters of environmental non-profit organizations. The company’s mission statement says it all: “To serve as your trusted source of the world’s most environmentally and socially responsible products – to assure your well being and a healthy, sustainable planet.” For more information, call 1-800-932-7715 or contact Dolphin Blue here.



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