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solar charging table

Solar Charging Tables Power Up Campuses, Malls, Disaster Areas & More

When your power supply goes on the fritz, or even if you simply need to supplement the power available on the regular grid, what can you do to keep electricity flowing and your electronics working? Consider solar charging tables. WHAT ARE SOLAR CHARGING TABLES? Increasingly, communities are turning to compact solar energy charging stations to […]

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nuclear disaster in Japan

Nuclear disaster in Japan, oil disaster in the Gulf. What’s next?

The nuclear meltdown in Japan and the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico may seem unrelated, but they’re not. Both catastrophes occurred because we’ve made three fundamental mistakes in the way we generate energy. 1) We have relied on centralized power plants that use dangerous fuels to meet energy demand. Most countries that can afford it […]

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Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008 Wish List

With climate change on the upswing and even dogs needing to worry about exposure to toxic chemicals, I’ve come up with five things I’d ask Mother Nature for this Earth Day 2008 if I believed wishes really came true. * President Bush signs a bill that will cut U.S. greenhouse gases 50% – starting tomorrow. […]

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