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non-toxic shampoo

Start the New Year Using Non-Toxic Shampoo

Here’s a simple resolution to start 2016 with: Switch to non-toxic shampoo. Why does it matter? Here’s the lowdown. Many shampoos contain a potent cocktail of chemicals that include synthetic fragrances, phthalates, antibacterial agents, dyes and colorings. None of these ingredients are good for either you or the planet. Χ – Synthetic fragrances and phthalates […]

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breast cancer

Put Breast Cancer on Your Big Green Purse Agenda

Dr. Janet Gray, a scientist at Vassar College and director of the school’s Science, Technology and Society program, recently collaborated with the Breast Cancer Fund to issue a report on the dangers women face from environmental factors that cause breast cancer. I interviewed Dr. Gray and reviewed the report; here are the highlights: *  Breast […]

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Earth Day 2008

Earth Day 2008 Wish List

With climate change on the upswing and even dogs needing to worry about exposure to toxic chemicals, I’ve come up with five things I’d ask Mother Nature for this Earth Day 2008 if I believed wishes really came true. * President Bush signs a bill that will cut U.S. greenhouse gases 50% – starting tomorrow. […]

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prevent breast cancer

Shift your Spending to Prevent Breast Cancer

A comprehensive review of the scientific research into what causes breast cancer was released last month, and the news isn’t good. It’s not surprising, either: Women face daily and widespread exposure to hundreds of chemicals that can cause tumors in our mammary glands. Those chemicals include diesel exhaust, chemicals that are put into personal care […]

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