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Environmental In-Box: Feelgoodz Flip-Flops

“Mai Pehn Rai” is Thai for “It’s cool, no worries, or take it easy.”  What a spot-on mantra for a company that makes flip-flops.  Meet Feelgoodz, whose "take it easy" style complements perfectly its socially responsible and sustainable business model. What is it? Feelgoodz flip-flops are made of 100% natural rubber that's harvested from the Yang Para tree […]

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Can Pepsi Learn From 7-11?

The Pepsi company has an impressive sustainability effort underway. It’s working on improving the packaging of its snack brands like FritoLay so the bags can biodegrade quickly once they’re thrown away. Pepsi is reducing the carbon footprint of its production factories and offices. The beverage giant is encouraging employees to adopt personal sustainability goals. I spoke at the FritoLay headquarters for Earth Day, […]

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“Green” Cell Phones Can Help Fight Climate Change

 If you're in the market for a new cell phone, consider one of these "green" models that are being  featured at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. * Motorola's MOTO W233 Renew – constructed of plastic made from recycled water bottles; can be completely recycled. Cost: $9.99 with a two-year contract; buy through T-Mobile. Comes in packaging […]

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