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Green Moms Carnival Takes on Climate Change

The climate talks in Copenhagen have been top of mind for most members of the Green Moms Carnival lately. Over the years, as bloggers, we have all addressed the impact climate change has on people and the planet. The negotiations in Denmark created a focal point for our concern, action and activism. That activism ran […]

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climate change matters to women

Why Climate Change Matters to Women

  Solutions to climate change are usually discussed in terms of what’s best for business or politics. But what about what’s best for those who have the most to lose as climate change worsens: namely, women, especially those living in the poorest regions of the world? A report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and […]

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My Hopenhagen Campaign Supporters Rock!

  The last few days have been a whirlwind. A week ago, I didn't even know the Huffington Post had a contest underway to send a Citizen Ambassador to the climate talks in Copenhagen. Then some very astute members of the Green Moms Carnival heard about the competition and asked me to enter. Since then, […]

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