The 10 Day Simple Green Holiday Challenge

The 10 Day Simple Green Holiday Challenge

Only Available Until December 24, 2016
simple green holiday challenge


Do you hear Christmas carols … and cringe?

Does the idea of holiday shopping fill you with dread?

Are you wondering where you’ll find the time for all the cleaning and cooking and decorating and entertaining you have to do between now and the New Year?

Are you already exhausted, stressed out and depressed by the holidays –
even though they’ve hardly begun?

I used to be.

Then I decided to challenge myself to create the simple, green holiday season I knew would make me happy (and be better for the environment, too.)

I decided that, instead of  shopping and stressing for the holidays, I’d simplify.

Partridges in a pear tree? ARRRGH! 

Meaningful and “green” traditions, good food, and time to breathe? Ahhhhh….

So I did it. Every day for 10 days, I took one action that I knew would simplify and green my holiday celebrations.

When I was done, I felt great!

In fact, I felt so much better, I wanted to share my success with you.

That’s why I created…

The 10 Day Simple Green Holiday Challenge 


Happy Holidays, Happy New Year in different languages red background, celebration greeting card with magnifying glass

Why a Holiday CHALLENGE?

I thought a lot about what to call this before I settled on the word “challenge.”

The truth is, changing old habits IS a challenge. It’s hard to get out of a rut. Even if something makes you uncomfortable, at least it’s familiar. You’ve done it before, you can do it again – and soon it will be over, right?

But that attitude, that willingness to settle for stress rather than opt for joy, really robs us of the happiness and fun that holidays should be about. I wanted to get back to the point where I couldn’t wait for the holidays to arrive.

That’s where I am now. And you know what? You can get there, too. Here’s how:

Take the challenge, and go from “ARRRGH!” to “Ahhhhh….”

simple green holiday challenge

If you do, I guarantee you will experience these wonderful benefits!

Slow Down: The Simple Green Holiday Challenge gives you permission to: Stop running in circles. Say “No” to too many commitments, too much shopping, too much to do. Actually sit next to your Christmas tree or holiday candles and not stress about whether you have the time to relax – because you do!

Save Money: The Simple Green Holiday Challenge will keep more money in your pocket. How? You’ll save on home energy costs, gift wrapping, unnecessary gifts, and even the gas you’d otherwise burn up circling the parking lot at the mall. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like the holidays didn’t break the bank for a change?

Thank youGo Green: “Green” is an important part of the Challenge for a reason.

Holidays can create a lot of waste – and waste a lot of time, too. Our Challenge may help you buy less but give more that’s meaningful, and create a lot less trash.

Your holiday will feel more natural, too, when you replace plastic and paper decorations and tableware with fresh greens, beeswax candles, lights that last (almost) forever, and more.

Enjoy. The point of the Simple Green Holiday Challenge is to Enjoy a Happier, More Joyful, Less Wasteful Holiday Season. As the saying goes, More Fun – Less Stuff!

 “I devour the “simplify my life stuff” and would love the added halo of green as well. Bring it on!” Robyn J., Washington, DC

Here’s How the 10 Day Simple Green Holiday Challenge Works

 10 Daily Guides Will Cover All You Need to Know

Day 1The Yummy Stuff – Food
Day 2The Pretty Stuff – Natural Foliage, Wreaths, Centerpieces
Day 3Your Holiday Table – Plates, Silverware, Glasses, Napkins
Day 4Twinkly Things – Lighting and Candles
Day 5Make it Pretty – Gift Wrapping 
Day 6Oh, Tannenbaum – Fresh, Live, or Artificial Christmas Trees?
Day 7Drink Up – Organic Wine, Beer, Spirits, & Other Beverages
Day 8Low Waste, No Waste – Making Food Go Farther
Day 9Good Smells – Natural Scents & Fragrances
Day 10Green Cleaning – Non-toxic Clean Up to start the New Year right

Here’s what “Day 2 – The Pretty Stuff” looks like, just to give you an idea about how nice this is!

simple green holiday challenge 

Ready to Sign Up?

You’ve got two great options: One is Free, One is a Premium that Costs a Little, but…
You Get a Lot More

Want the Free Option? Sign Up Right Here! ⇓⇓⇓

simple green holidaySign Up, Then…

Get your free daily tips. Every day for 10 days, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow Holiday Challenge Daily Guide.

Simplify, save and go green. Each guide will focus on an individual action you can take that will simplify your celebration, save you money, and help you go green.

Get more info if you want it. The guides will also include links to more helpful information if you want to learn or do more – that’s totally up to you.

Enjoy discounts. Each guide will contain valuable discounts on safe, green and non-toxic products, books and other items that you can use for yourself or others.


Want MORE? Get the Premium Option for only $19.99. Get It Here! ⇓⇓⇓

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$19.99. That’s less than $2/day!


In addition to all of the great benefits you’ll get with the free option, you get MORE when you sign up for the Premium challenge, including:

♥The Premium Giveaway – Your premium automatically enters you into the Giveaway raffle for a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes, worth almost $450, that are available through the Simple Green Holiday Challenge.

Premium Challenge Giveaways include:
♦ $50 gift certificate from Miessence Organics, plus free FAST superfood to support a healthy diet
♦Fabulous Organic Teas Bundle from EarthMamaAngelBaby Organics, which includes 8 boxes of soothing, delicious, organic and non-GMO teas
♦ Wild Planet Seafood Deluxe Sampler Pack, containing wild canned tuna, wild pink shrimp, salmon
♦ AspenClean Whole House Non-toxic Cleaning Kit
♦ Garden in a Can Gift Set from Back to the Roots
♦ Grow Your Own Mushroom Farm from Back to the Roots
♦ Urban Market Bags – Set of Three in Clip-On Stuff Sack
♦ Island Thyme Botanical Bodycare Gift Basket
♦ Baby Hero Organic Baby/Toddler Clothes

♦ Moms Clean Air Force Swag Bag
Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World
♦ The Healing Foods: Nature’s Pharmacy for Better Health
♦Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids in the Age of Environmental Guilt
♦ Secret Weapons for Non-Toxic Stain Removal

and more!

♥ A Big Green Chat with Diane – Want to talk over the green changes you want to make in your life with someone who’s probably been through everything you’re going through now? Your Premium entitles you to a 30-minute chat with me about all things green. I’m happy to help you clear up confusion over what products to buy, what green swaps to make, and hear what you love about living green – and what drives you crazy!

♥ Charitable Holiday Gift Guide – Get through all 10 days of the Challenge, and on Day 11, you’ll receive our special Charitable Holiday Gift Guide, packed with great suggestions and links so you can make stress-free last minute donations or choose meaningful gifts for people you love.

♥ 10% Discount on Our Upcoming 2017 Green Spring Cleaning and Home DeTox Program – We’ll be showing you how to detox your home and swap out cleaning products full of questionable chemicals for those that are safe. There’ll be lots of bonuses and discounts available then, too. Be among the first to find out about it,

10 Day Simple Green Holiday Challenge – Additional Free  Bonuses
 In addition to the great tips you’ll get every day for 10 days, you’ll receive these additional bonuses:

  • No Stress Priorities Checklist – Your Own Personal Simple Green Holiday Priorities Checklist. Once you sign up, you’ll receive our Priorities checklist designed to help you organize your activities and prioritize what you most want to accomplish during your Simple Green Holiday Challenge.“You inspire a green “consciousness” in every woman, man and child who hears your message. As you make clear…all of us can make a difference. You make it seem easy and effective to take action. Thank you!!”  Roselyn O., Arizona

Sign Up Now! 

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I want to get entered in the Premium Daily Giveaways, plus get the discount on the upcoming Green Spring Cleaning and Home Detox Program, plus the Charitable Holiday Gift Guide! 

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 Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
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