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The most immediate way to save money by going green is to buy less. That sounds like a “no brainer,” but it’s not, given how automatic it is to shop instead of swap. Throughout, we offer lots of suggestions to help you buy less without sacrificing quality of life. Here, our focus is on shifting your spending to greener products.

13-Ways-You-Can-Save-$5,070-a-Year-CoverWhy Make a Shift?

When you shift your spending to products that are reusable, durable, and help automate your savings over time, you’ll immediately start saving money. Plus, shifting your spending to products that offer the greater environmental benefit is one of the clearest and most direct ways you have to tell companies you either approve of their products and processes, or you don’t.

Consumer dollars are a corporation’s lifeblood. When you shift your spending, it’s like offering a company a bright green carrot or incentive to pollute less, use fewer toxic chemicals, help protect our air and water, and fight climate change by saving energy.

To help you start making that shift, we hope you’ll download our free Go Green, Save Money guide. It details how you can save over $5,000 a year by shifting to products and services that offer the greatest environmental benefits available.

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