The Easiest Way to Sell Your Old Cell Phone & Small Electronics

Are you fed up with all the old cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, and notebooks lying around your house?

sell your old cell phone

Here’s the easiest way to sell your old cell phone
and small electronics.

Don’t give in to the temptation to just throw your electronic gear away.

√ For one thing, e-waste is the fastest growing part of the waste stream. Why add to the trash pile?

√ Second, most electronics contain valuable metals that can be reclaimed and recycled.

√ Third, many “old” electronics can be repaired, updated, and sent to people who can’t afford a brand new device, but would love to get their hands on anything that will make telecommunications possible for them. Some research institutions use old cell phones at their research stations,

√ And fourth, you can actually make money when you sell your old cell phone and small electronics to a company like Green Buyback, the sponsors for this post.

Green Buyback has compiled the following infographic to illustrate why keeping your electronics out of the trash makes such a difference.


Recycle Your Cell Phone


Here’s how the Green Buyback system works:

1) Search Green Buyback’s data base to find your phone, tablet, or other small electronics (so, no televisions, fax machines, copiers, or computers). They buy back a wide variety of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, tablets, plus Fitbits, smart watches, and some video games. 

2) Get a free quote. You tell them what device you have to sell, they’ll tell you what they’ll pay you for it. (You can sell your old cell phone, something that’s brand new, or something that’s completely broken; just expect to be paid accordingly.) If you agree to the price, you’ll proceed to the checkout cart and fill out the required information.

3) Complete the checkout process. As soon as you do, you’ll be emailed a prepaid UPS label.

4) Pack your items in any box or padded envelope. Make sure to pack them so they don’t break en route.

5) Send the package to Green Buyback free of charge. Once they receive and process your items, they’ll pay you either by check or via PayPal.

You can get the specific details on how Green Buyback works here.

For larger or outdated electronics equipment, check with your local municipality for recycling information or contact charities that may wish to repair them and donate to individuals or organizations. Most cities and townships have specific instructions for recycling electronics equipment.

amazon links holiday shoppingBy the way, before you sell your old cell phone or other electronic device, make sure to swipe it clean first. These services can help.



Many thanks to Green Buyback for sponsoring this post to help you figure out how to sell your old cell phone and electronics. We appreciate our sponsors’ support; our editorial opinions remain our own.

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