Real Food

real food What does “real food” mean to you? To me, real food is grown organically, which limits my exposure to pesticides and herbicides. Real food is minimally processed, so that it actually looks and tastes like what it really is. Real food has not been grown from genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), whose impact on our health as well as on the planet is raising many concerns. Nor is real food produced in factory feed lots where animals are treated inhumanely and disease runs rampant.

In many ways, “real food” is as much an ethic as it is something you can buy in the grocery store or grow yourself. When you make “real food” a priority, you’re saying that you value how food is produced, how it is processed, and how agriculture impacts the people who produce our food, the planet that sustains it, and of course, YOU – the person who consumes it and must suffer the consequences when food turns out not to be real, but really bad.

watermelonAt Big Green Purse, we value “real food” that is organically and locally grown, non-GMO, and sustainably harvested. Visit our sister site,, for simple, affordable ways to enjoy real food:

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