Please don’t squeeze the Charmin – or use it for anything else!

Charmin, Kleenex Cottonelle, Quilted Northern and Scott are among the toilet papers and tissues that do the most harm to forests and the environment, according to a new report by Greenpeace.

The non-profit research group evaluated dozens of brands of toilet paper, facial tissue, paper, towels and napkins according to three criteria:

1) How much recycled content they contained – using 100% recycled content helps protect forests because it significantly reduces the demand for trees, especially trees coming from native forests.

2) How much of that was post-consumer waste – to get the top ranking, at least 50% post-consumer waste needed to be used in manufacturing the product.

3) How the paper was bleached – the top-ranked products are not bleached using chlorine, which can create the toxic byproduct dioxin.

According to Greenpeace, Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family bought a roll of recycled toilet paper—just once.

The group has produced a pocket guide you can use when you shop to buy the most eco-friendly option.

Brands that ranked high on the Greenpeace list include:

Green forest * Green Forest

* 365 Whole Planet (available at Whole Foods)

* CVS Earth Essentials

* Seventh Generation

* Trader Joe's

* Cascades

Of course, when it comes to napkins and towels, use cloth, and avoid the paper debate altogether.

2 Responses to Please don’t squeeze the Charmin – or use it for anything else!

  1. Abigail April 9, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Thank you for this lovely website!

  2. Diane MacEachern April 12, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    You’re welcome!

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