Why Plastic Water Bottles Have to Go the Way of the Dodo

plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles have become a scourge on the planet. They pollute the ocean with plastic. Their plastic debris kills birds, turtles and other wildlife. They cost us consumers way more money than we should be spending on something as simple as water. And they rob local people of their own source of drinking water. They should go the way of the dodo – and become extinct!

TradeMachines.com, a company that helps businesses buy used machinery and equipment rather than brand new (which helps save money and natural resources), has put together one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen about the impact that plastic water bottles has on us and our planet. Here are some key elements from the graphic. I hope you will visit TradeMachines.com to view the infographic in its entirety. Then, share it with your friends, family, and social media communities. Thanks!

Say NO! to Plastic Water Bottles

The oil used to make plastic water bottles could keep 1 million cars running for 12 months!

plastic water bottles


Plastic water bottles pollute the oceans and threaten birds and wildlife.

plastic water bottles


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ocean plastic trash

Enough plastic water bottles aren’t being recycled.

plastic water bottles


What’s the point? Water in plastic bottles tastes no better than tap water.

plastic water bottles

What Should You Use Instead?

There are so many alternatives to plastic water bottles now, there’s almost no excuse for buying bottled water unless there’s a pollution scare in your community.

We’ve identified five of your best options here:

best reusable water bottles

Again, remember to take a look at the entire graphic and share it widely. People are so used to buying bottled water, they forget to consider the impacts. You can help, by using a reusable bottle yourself and by educating others.

Thanks to TradeMachines.com for sponsoring this post. As always, our editorial opinions remain our own.

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