People’s Climate March: For Jobs, Justice and the Climate

People's Climate MarchOn Saturday, April 29, tens of thousands of people will meet in Washington, D.C.  and in state capitols around the US to march for jobs, justice and the climate. The People’s Climate March intends to put the Trump Administration and Congress on notice: climate change is the most serious threat the planet faces – as well as its greatest opportunity.

Why Is Climate Change So Serious?

It’s the most serious threat we face because it has the potential to devastate every pillar on which our country is built.

The catastrophic storms linked to climate change are draining our economy of trillions of dollars.

The spread of infectious diseases is killing thousands of people.

Droughts, wildfires and floods related to sea level rise and changing weather patterns are affecting our ability to grow food and keep our cities and towns intact.

We will be swamped, burned up and blown out if we don’t put the skids on the causes of climate change – and fast.

Speaking of which, it’s solving climate change that creates so many opportunities for us.

Why Does Climate Change Create So Many Opportunities?

Burning coal and oil are the largest sources of the carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change.

Transitioning to solar and wind energy are two smart solutions. They’re also the fastest growing source of jobs in the energy industry.

You know that employment crisis we keep hearing about?

Get out of coal, get into solar. It can work in every state in the US.

Solving climate change through increased energy efficiency and using more solar and wind is also our ticket to energy independence.

Tired of worrying about our oil fields in the Middle East?

So am I. With domestic solar and wind, those worries can be a thing of the past.

Want cleaner air and water?

Banishing climate changing fossil fuels is a good way to get started.

Burning coal and oil (and gasoline) are primary causes of air and water pollution. When’s the last time there was a code “red” day attributed to solar panels?

Can you remember any time when turning on a wind mill led to the pollution of a river, lake or ocean with toxic oil that couldn’t be cleaned up?

Me neither.

The People’s Climate March Statement

The People’s Climate March is a project of dozens of organizations working together to solve the climate crisis.

People's Climate MarchFirst and foremost, it will focus attention on the anti-climate policies of the new Trump Administration. President Trump has called climate change a hoax. In fact, Trump is trying to increase use of the very fossil fuels that cause climate change. Say the organizers of the People’s Climate March: Not on our watch!

At the end of April, Donald Trump will have been in office for 100 days.

We need to mark that day with a massive demonstration that shows that our resistance is not going to wane or fade away.

So far, our resistance has been beautiful — and it’s beautiful because at its heart is a vision of a future that inspires us and gives us hope.

It’s a vision that protects our families, our communities, and our climate.

Most importantly, it’s a vision that we are building together.

Since his inauguration, we’ve seen what people power can achieve: Trumpcare? Withdrawn. Muslim ban? Blocked. Now Trump’s entire fossil fuel agenda is next.

Join us on April 29th.

Here’s how you can participate in the People’s Climate March.

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