16 Microgreens2

16 Microgreens You Can Grow in a Jar or a Box

Microgreens pack a lot of delicious punch in a tiny pouch (well, leaf to be exact). I started eating them almost by accident. I was weeding mustard greens out of a community garden patch, and rather than toss them into the compost, I just started nibbling on them. They were much tastier than the full-grown […]

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Non-Toxic Face Paint for Halloween: 6 Safest Options

Conventional face paint may contain all sorts of nasty elements like lead, arsenic, and mercury that  you really shouldn’t be putting on your body, especially not near your eyes or on your lips, where you could accidentally eat them. Fortunately, there’s plenty of non-toxic face paint for Halloween to keep you safe as well as […]

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6 Ingredients

6 Ingredients to Avoid In Halloween Candy

Is your Halloween candy going to be a trick, or a treat? It depends on what it’s made from. Sure, candy is supposed to be sweet and tasty. But some of it is so loaded with synthetic additives and manufactured ingredients that you might as well get it from a laboratory instead of the candy […]

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