Plant Office Gardens to Get More Work Done, Breathe Better

Office gardens make going to work better.

The research is pretty strong that adding greenery to your office, whether that’s in your home or out, has all kinds of psychological and physical health benefits. We’re partnering with office furniture retailer Jason L to highlight the many reasons why it’s time for you to install office gardens where you work.

office gardens,

photo courtesy of Jason L

Why Plant Office Gardens?

office gardensGet More Work Done
One of the top benefits of being surrounded by greenery is that it increases productivity. Why? Plants are sort of like therapy dogs – you can touch and smell them, and they can have a calming effect on your workspace. The folks at Jason L report that 15% more ideas are generated by people who worked in an office with a garden or surrounded by plants. When you feel better, you work better. It’s as simple as that.

Feel Better
Speaking of feeling better, just think about how uplifting it is to walk into a room that includes some beautiful plants. I immediately feel my blood pressure drop a couple of notches when I see a variety of plants together.

Minimize Discomfort
Research shows that hospital patients tolerate pain better if there is a plant in their room or on their ward. Looking at plants, watering them, taking trimmings can all be very peaceful and meditative.

Breathe Cleaner Air
Indoor plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. They also absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen, says NASA.

Be Creative
From adding a few hanging plants to your space to creating garden walls, the sky is almost literally the limit when it comes to how use use plants to express yourself creatively. You can have desk top plants, floor plants, baskets full of plants, flower boxes, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, terrariums, and more.

Put It To Use
Numerous companies and factories plant garden walls or rooftop gardens as a way to increase insulation and reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as increase employee well-being. These tips will help you figure out if a rooftop garden makes sense where you work.

How to Install Office Gardens

Look at Light
office gardens,All plants need light, but some need a lot more than others.

A variety of specimens, like golden pathos and peace lilies, that can tolerate very low light levels and even some artificial light.

Others, like spider plants, do much better with more light.

Before you get a plant, take stock of how much light it needs, as well as how much it will get in your space. If those two factors measure up, you’re good to go.

Know the Air Temp
Like light, some plants do better in a cooler space and others want temps much warmer.

If your plant is going to go near a drafty window, skip the orchids and other “hot house” plants.

If the room is hot, think about tropical or desert plants, depending on the humidity.

Consider Humidity
Tropical plants will need to be misted often and watered frequently. Desert plants, just the opposite. In addition to knowing the light exposure and temperature of your space, consider how humid it is and how often plants require watering.

What Do You Like to Look At?
Whatever plants you choose, make sure you enjoy looking at them. If you don’t, you’ll lose interesting in keeping them alive. And no one likes a dead plant!

Here’s the bottom line. People benefit when they work around office plants (or plants in warehouses, factories, and retail outlets). Whether you’re adding greenery to your home office or something larger, you won’t regret bring some foliage into your space.

Thanks to Jason L for these images. You can see their complete infographic on office gardens right here. 

NOTE: Sponsors and partners enable us to bring you the expert content you need to live the greener life you want. All editorial opinions remain our own. 

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