This Natural Mosquito Killer Won’t Hurt You, Kids, Bees or Birds

Natural Mosquito Killer

This natural mosquito killer is non-toxic and safe for you, your kids, the birds and the bees.

Want to kill mosquitoes before they bite you to death and make the kids miserable? So did Brandi Stupica.

The Michigan mom of two hated worrying about her kids getting mosquito bites that could lead to something more serious, like dengue fever or even the Zika virus.

But she also hated using toxic chemical-based mosquito repellent because, well, hey, she’s a mom. And what mom doesn’t identify with Mother Earth?

One day, Brandi’s husband came across a bacteria that could be sprinkled on standing water to kill mosquito larva, plus black flies and gnats.


natural mosquito killerBrandi had a brainstorm.

Why not create a way to lure mosquitoes around the house into a trap where they’d be exposed to the bacteria – and DIE?

Brown Bread Mozzie, the natural mosquito killer, was born.

Here’s How Brown Bread Mozzie Natural Mosquito Killer Works

It’s Non-Toxic (to People) Bacteria

It’s a Trap, Not a Repellent

The Bacteria

natural mosquito killerThe secret to this natural mosquito killer is in the bacteria that the company uses to lure and then kill mosquitoes. The bacteria is called Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis – Bti for short.

BTI contains spores that produce toxins that specifically target the larvae of the mosquito, plus pesky black flies and fungus gnats.

Bti has no toxicity to people and is approved for use for pest control in organic farming operations, reports EPA.

It’s a Trap, Not a Repellent

natural mosquito killerBrown Bread Mozzie, which is British and Australian slang for dead mosquito – comes in a kit of four containers, a scoop, and enough granules of Mozzie to keep your yard of an acre or less mosquito-free for a year.

You use the Bti in the four buckets, not on your skin. You don’t spray it on your clothes, or fog your yard, the way other mosquito control chemicals are applied.

To get started, first, get rid of all the places in your yard where mosquitoes like to breed, like stagnant ponds, kiddie pools that aren’t covered, drainage ditches, bird baths that aren’t cleaned frequently, kids’ toys like pails, and even old tires.

Then, set out the Brown Bread Mozzie buckets to lure mosquitoes to lay their eggs in the water you’ve put in each one.

Use fresh water from your hose, but what’s better is stagnant water you might empty out of a pond or birdbath. (Brandi says, “The nastier and more stagnant the water, the more mosquitoes love it!”)

Sprinkle a scoop of granules into the bucket, then fill the bucket half way with water.

Place the buckets on the edges of the property no more than 300 feet from the next closest bucket. You can also put them on top of a wall, hang them on a tree, or set them on a stump.

Use all four buckets.

If there’s any standing water you can’t or don’t want to eliminate, you can add a scoop of Bti granules there, as well.

That’s All There Is To It!

Your Brown Bread Mozzie kit includes enough granules so you can repeat monthly for 12 months.

When your supply of Mozzie granules or “bits” is gone, just order a new bag. You can reuse the buckets over and over again

Inexpensive, and Worth It!

A Brown Bread Mozzie kit costs $99; a replacement bag of Bti bits costs only $20. You could easily spend $20 on a summer’s worth of mosquito repellent, and spraying your entire yard with a mosquito insecticide would cost more than $99, so this is a good deal for your pocketbook as well as your skin.


To Enter Giveaway, Leave A Comment Below


Brandi and her Brown Bread Mozzie Company have a special offer for the Big Green Purse community: free shipping when you order the $99 kit (which includes the 4 buckets, a year’s supply of  Bti granules, and the scoop).

But more, Brandi will give away one free kit to a lucky Big Green Purse visitor. All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us what you’re doing to control mosquitoes at your house, or why you know natural mosquito control is better than using insecticides or just why you love summer.

The winner will be picked from a random drawing on Friday, July 14.

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