3 Kids’ Eco Books That Teach Great Green Values

Here are three endearing books that can help kids appreciate a greener world, one that focuses more on loving kindness and appreciation for Nature than consumerism.

Kids' Eco BooksGeorge Saves the World by Lunch Time (Authors: Ley Honor and Jo Readman)

George Saves the World by Lunch Time  tells the story of a kid who’s determined to change the world we live in. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to do that. Good thing good ol’ Grandpa can help George in his quest! Grandpa suggests that George do the things that little kids can – like properly separate trash and recycling materials instead of throwing them all away. The moral of the story? Kids don’t need superpowers to save the planet. The little things they do every day are what make a difference.

The Giant Hug (Author: Sandra Horning)

kids' eco booksThe Giant Hug stars a little pig named Owen who travels the country through a mysterious post office. When it’s his grandma’s birthday, he could give her some actual thing or another. Instead, he wants to give her what means the most to him and her both: a hug. The problem is, she lives far, far away. But that doesn’t stop Owen from visiting his grandma. He just mails himself to her!

This is a fantastic book to teach kids how satisfying it can be to bring happiness to family, friends, and the people around them. Unakids, a charity that helps children survive in war-torn countries, offers a great example every day that love and kindness make a difference in people’s lives, especially children’s. By providing kids with constant love and support amid the armed conflict around them, the charity is helping children live happier, healthier lives.

kids' eco booksThe Curious Garden (Author: Peter Brown)

The Curious Garden is about Liam’s quest to save the world with lush and beautiful gardens. One day, he discovers a dying garden and decides to save it. Little Liam’s efforts aren’t in vain as the garden survives and miraculously spreads throughout the polluted city where Liam finds it, saving its citizens from sickness.

The Curious Garden teaches kids that saving one garden can go a long way. If all kids would be like little Liam, the world would be a much safer place to live in.

Do you have a favorite green book for kids? Please share!

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