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environmentally safe cosmetics, green cosmetics, environmentally friendly cosmeticsMany personal care products contain phthalates, chemicals that can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, and the reproductive system. New research also links phthalates to feminized genitals in baby boys.

• Exposures to phthalates are unnecessary. In fact, the same companies that produce phthalate-laden beauty products often make products that contain no phthalates.

• If we only used one product, we might not have to worry. But we generally use between 9 and 15 personal care products every day. According to Environmental Working Group, people apply an average of 126 different ingredients to their skin daily, making the cumulative impact of these chemicals particularly dangerous.

• Protect your health. Buy personal care products that contain the safest ingredients available.


For Your Shopping List

These companies use primarily certified organic ingredients in their cosmetics and personal care products:

TerrEssentials – Face and body cleansers, shampoos, body oils and creams and baby products. Available in organic and natural foods stores and food coops.
Dr. Bronner – Soaps, lotions and lip balms. Available in organic and natural foods stores and food coops, as well as on line.
Vermont soapworks – Manufacturers of 100% certified organic bar soap, liquid soap, shower gel, and bath salts.
Miessence - Offers a certified organic line of products that include skin conditioners, toners, cleansers, exfoliants, and masks; lip balms, crèmes, and shimmers; eye crèmes; powders, blushes, and concealers; shampoos; and mascara.

These companies are phthalate-free:

Burt’s Bees – Lip balms, glosses, sticks and shimmers; face cleansers, toners, complexion bars, moisturizers, eye crèmes and exfoliating scrubs; shampoos and conditioners; toothpaste and peppermint breath drops; eye make-up and face powder; various “Baby Bee” products and a growing list of “Men’s Grooming” choices. Increasingly available in mainstream grocery stores, drugstores, and pharmacies.
Eco Bella Organics – Includes perfumes, bath and body products, cosmetics, and skin and hair care products. Often available in organic and natural foods stores and food co-ops.
Aubrey Organics – Products are made primarily with herbals, essential oils and vitamins. Includes baby care, bath products, hair care and color, hand and body lotions, makeup, skin care, soaps, toiletries, sun protection, and hair and skin essentials for men. Often available in organic and natural foods stores and food co-ops.
Tom’s of Maine – Offers 90 oral and body care products, sold at 40,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and around the world. Products include toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, soap, shaving cream, and dental floss.
Honeybee Gardens – In addition to a variety of lipsticks, powders, eyeliner, eye shadow, hair spray, shampoo, and conditioner, Honey Bee manufactures water-based nail polish, including one brand that can peel off without need of nail polish remover.

To check ingredients in other cosmetics, visit Environmental Working Group.

For more environmental health information, drop by the personal care page of


Think you can't afford 'green' nail polish? Wrong!

Should you use up cosmetics you already have before buying new, safer products?

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