Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbsCompact fluorescent light bulbs are great energy-, money- and time-savers. An Energy Star-certified "CFL" uses 66% less energy than a standard incandescent and lasts 10 times as long. Over its lifetime, it could save you as much as $20!


You can read all about CFLs, their benefits, and how they work on the Lighting page of our sister site,


For Your Shopping List


To save the most energy and money, replace the fixtures you use the most or the light bulbs in them with high-efficiency models. Those are usually:


* the kitchen ceiling light

* the living room table lamp

* the living room floor lamp

* the outdoor porch light

* the bathroom vanity light


You can find a wide variety of compact fluorescent bulbs at every hardware store and many department stores, as well as Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. To view your options, visit the Environmental Protection Agency's website.


Locating energy-efficient lighting fixtures is a little more challenging. The Environmental Protection Agency can help here.


energy star lighting, compact fluorescent lighting, energy-saving light bulbsRemember: the most energy-efficient bulbs are those that carry the Energy Star label.





Recycling CFLs is Finally Easy to Do!


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