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Advertisement Options and Policy
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Big Green Purse accepts ads from companies, organizations and institutions that share our values. We limit advertising of consumer products to those that provide measurable environmental and human health benefits.  Please don't ask us to advertise stuff like "natural" junk food or "recyclable" polystyrene. We won't be a party to greenwashing. We give preference to companies whose environmental benefits claims are backed up by independent, third-party verification. We require full disclosure of ingredients in food, personal care products, and cleaning products. We also sell advertising to companies promoting services like energy conservation, water conservation and organic agriculture. We evaluate every ad on a case-by-case basis.

We offer two spots on the Big Green Purse homepage (; see the red and yellow spaces on the screen shot at right) that are each available at a monthly rate. To purchase either or both of these spaces, please contact Diane MacEachern at for pricing and availability.



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Ads  on Diane's Big Green Purse
(Our Blog)

We offer three spots on our blog ( either for a monthly fee or by ad exchange on your site.  Ad options, which will be displayed on every page of the site, include: a skyscraper (see the red tile, let) and two squares (see yellow and blue squares). Please contact Diane MacEachern at for pricing and availability.



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Advertise on Our Newsletter

Big Green Purse Alerts! reach almost 5,000 self-selected green subscribers every month. Contact us for current rates on text links and image ads.


Become Our "Ad Buddy"

Our "Ad Buddies" program gives you the opportunity to reach our audience in three key ways:

* We will place one of your ads on our homepage or blog when you place one of our ads on your site in an equivalent place.

* We will run a feature article about you and your site on our blog. We ask that you do the same on your blog or website. We only exchange ads with sites we value and that have traffic equal to or greater than our own. If we become buddies, we want to make sure our readers get to know you, too!

* We will run your logo and link to your site in our feature on you. We ask that you do the same for us.

Interested? Send an e-mail, and put "Let's Be Buddies" in the subject line.

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