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Personal care products might contain harmful chemicals

Diane MacEachern, author of Big Green Purse, suggests a fun little exercise: Gather all those products in one place and take a count. You won’t be alone if the number hits 12 or 15.

“People are amazed,” she said. “Someone has convinced us we need to use all these products every day.” Eco-groups and environmental researchers have raised alarms about the cumulative health effects of many of the compounds found in personal-care products. While many industry experts say the products are safe, some scientists and others outside the industry disagree.

Read the full article in the Kansas City Star...


Arizona Republic Highlights Big Green Purse Wallet-Friendly Approach
The Arizona Republic shone a spotlight on the money-saving benefits available from using your big green purse.  Read more...
Winner, Best Green Website

FutureNow’s First Annual Marketing to Women Awards has given the award for “Best Green Website.”

Said Holly Buchanan, the Marketing to Women guru at FutureNow : I love this site because they make it easy to take simple, concrete actions to make a difference. With such a huge global problem, it's hard to feel like "little old you" can have any sort of an impact. Big Green Purse gives you specifics on small things you can do that can make a real difference."


Christian Science Monitor Features Big Green Purse

Christian Science Monitor: " urges women to spend more on Earth-friendly products."      

Diane macEachernRead interview with Big Green Purse Founder Diane MacEachern...




msnbcMSNBC reports: "We can have the world we want just by putting the right things in our shopping carts," says Diane MacEachern, founder of, a new website devoted to helping consumers get more "green" for their buck.


 In Women We Trust...a terrific blog focused on "Changing Products, Changing Services, Changing the World" ran an overview of You can read it here.


quick_simple_1_1_1.jpgLook for our energy-saving tips in Quick & Simple magazine: "Save Money While You Save The Environment" ...




Read about us in Washington Woman magazine, April 2007.


                               Family Circle's April 2007 issue says you can "get empowered by learning cir_cover_march07_1.jpgwhat to look for when choosing "green" products, including appliances, cosmetics, clothing and gardening tools like the ones mentioned on our web site (available on news stands).





rd_mag_1.jpgSee us in the March, 2007 issue of Reader's Digest (available on news stands).






Big Green Purse founder Diane MacEachern has been awarded a summer 2007 residency at the prestigious Mesa Refuge for environmental writers.  Diane plans to work on her next book, a look at the 15 commodities where women can make the biggest impact if they shift their spending to protect the environment.



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