How to Sell Old Phones, Electronics?

sell old phones, electronics

Is old electronic junk sitting around your house or office just cluttering up the place? Are you getting or giving new tech stuff for the holidays and already wondering what to do with the old stuff you’ll be left with? We’re partnering with to show you how to sell your old phones, electronics and other e-waste. Plus, during their holiday special, you’ll earn an extra $5 at check out when you sell old phones, electronics, and other e-gear.


sell old phones, buys old cell phones, tablets, smart watches and other devices, then gets them responsibly recycled. They make it incredibly easy for you to work with them because they not only give you a quote on what they’ll pay, but they also give you a free shipping label so it won’t cost you anything to send them your e-junk.

Here’s How to Sell Old Phones, Electronics

⇒ Visit

⇒ Tell them what you want to sell.

⇒ Look at the quote they give you telling how much they’ll buy your old phone or tablet for.

⇒ If you accept the quote, print out the free shipping label they send you.

⇒ Safely and securely pack up your phone or tablet and mail it to, using their free shipping label.

⇒ Check your PayPal account or your mailbox for a check. They make payment in less than 24 hours.

How easy is that?

Here’s the complete list of what buys:

sell old phones, electronics

There is no downside to checking with to see what you can sell your e-waste for. But the upsides are terrific.

sell old phones, electronicsYou’ll get rid of all that e nonsense cluttering up your drawers.

You’ll make a little money.

You won’t throw that stuff in the trash.

E-waste is the fastest growing segment of the waste stream.

That means that all the heavy metals (think cadmium, mercury and lead) and plastic wiring and parts end up in our soil and water, and then you know what happens. Icky pollution. Contaminated groundwater. And just a big waste of all the resources used to produce the electronics in the first place.

Why would you trash the planet and throw away good money when you can sell old phones, electronics, and other devices to a company that will recycle them for you?

Give a try.

NOTE: We partner with companies like when they meet our strict standards for delivering quality green products and services. Our partners also help us deliver expert information at no additional cost to you. Our editorial opinions always remain our own. Thanks!

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