6 Healthy Ways to Keep Your Wooden Furniture Looking Good

Healthy Furniture Polish

Many conventional furniture polishes contain chemicals that can make you feel sick when you use them. We’re partnering with the organic pages of MyVoucherCodes.com to offer these healthy ways to keep your wooden furniture looking good. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, furniture polish contains waxes, oils, and solvents made from compounds called hydrocarbons.

These hydrocarbons are easily inhaled because they’re so “volatile,” which means they easily emit their compounds into the atmosphere.

That’s especially true if they’re sprayed under pressure, the way a canister of furniture polish might be.

I know when I’ve used spray polishes, I’ve ended up with a headache, runny eyes, and general discomfort. NIH lists more serious symptoms of using standard furniture polish here.

6 Healthy Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

These are the best ways to keep your wooden furniture looking good without resorting to spraying volatile chemicals in your home.

1) Keep Furniture Away From the Sun – If your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight, it will start to fade, mottle or perhaps slightly warp over time. Pull sheer curtains closed during the daytime – the sheers will still let light in, but will blunt the sun’s impact. BONUS: in the summer, pulling the sheers closed will also keep the room cooler.

2) Avoid Heating Vents – Intense or constant heat from a vent or radiator can dry out the wood and cause it to shrink or crack. Situate furniture so it is not right on top of or adjacent to the heating. Redirect floor vents away from the furniture using the lever in the vent.

3) Dust – Dust furniture with a slightly damp cotton cloth weekly. Or, use the soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Works like a charm!

4) Use Coasters – The major reason why people get unsightly rings on their wooden furniture is because they place a wet glass on it. Keep coasters easily available on all wooden tables, and even on your bedroom furniture. Beware icy glasses, as they will condense drops of water wherever they’re set down, even if you’ve think you’ve wiped them down. And note: paper napkins don’t make good coasters!

5) Try the Quick Fix – If you get a scratch or mark, use a non-toxic, water-based permanent marker in the same color as your furniture to cover the mark over. I’ve done this on wooden and metal furniture alike.

6) Iron Away Stains – If you get a water stain or ring on your furniture, try ironing it away. Place a towel or soft cloth over the spot, then iron it carefully for 10-20 seconds at a time on medium heat. If the spot does not go away, increase the heat slightly. Keep the iron moving, and check the stain until it’s gone.

As for polishing itself, if you maintain your furniture as suggested above, you won’t need to actually polish the wood more than a few times a year.

When you do, skip aerosol spray-type polishes in favor of a plant-based salve or cream you can put on a cloth and rub on.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on creamy organic polishes that will do the trick!

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