GUEST POST: Another “One in a Million” Makes a Difference

Mhunt_2 "Diane, Just writing to let you know that my morning routine now consists of Organic Raisin Bran, Free trade, organic, shade grown coffee and organic soy milk. The last time I tallied the cost over the course of a year’s consumption, it was around $650 for this household. 

I started my swap out with Kellogg Organic Raisin Bran, but my corner store no longer carries it. The local Trader Joe’s picked up the slack with their Raisen Bran Clusters, which I actually like better than Kellogg’s (sorry Kellogg, you snoozed and lost). 

This weekend I also found a GREAT coffee bean, also at Trade Joe’s that doesn’t need cream to soften it. It’s their "Cafe Femenino," which I picked up because the label described it as "bright, nutty and sweet" (and it tiz). What I read on the back of the can later has sealed the deal for all future purchasing. "[Cafe Fermenino]…is produced by an all women organization in a effort to offer the women of Peru a better life."

What a great way to start each day. I support fair world trade, help women in Peru have a better life, keep the birdies of Peru happy as well, not to mention lowering my cholesterol while increasing my protein intake. Not a bad swap out at all.  On top of it, that new little morning habit reminds me of other "green" habits I could be creating.

I should probably write Trader Joe’s and thank them, but first, thank YOU for putting the swap out idea out there. I’d like to read what others are doing, too."


What a great example, Mary. Thanks for sharing – and for putting other inspiring suggestions on your own blog,

Want to join Mary in switching to eco-friendly products? Get more information on the "One in a Million" campaign at

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