Green Gift Wrapping

gift wrapGreen gift wrapping has become all the rage, especially in my house! I love surprises, so using some kind of wrapping adds to the fun of giving the present. Otherwise, why not just throw the gift at the giftee and say, “Hope you like it!”

What I hate is seeing so much beautiful paper just being ripped up and tossed aside. Honestly, these days, it’s a little embarrassing to put bags full of ripped up paper out on the curb for trash pick-up. And I just can’t get beyond the fact that making paper is one of the most polluting industries on earth. The less I use, the better.

Hence, my list of green gift wrapping alternatives:

green gift wrappingReusable shopping bags – Pick one up for $.99 at your local grocery store, or splurge on a fancier option made from recycled fibers and vibrant colors.

Homemade gift bags – Make them out of clothes, pillow cases, or other fabrics you might have thrown away, or buy pretty but inexpensive holiday fabric at your local craft store. Use pinking shears to give the top edge some flair after you sew the other three sides together, then bunch the top and tie with a reusable ribbon.

Reused gift wrap – “Capture” it as it’s coming off the present, fold it up and put it in a box so you can easily find and reuse it next year.

Gift wrap made from recycled paper – Many companies now sell delightful wrapping made from recycled paper.

Kitchen towels, scarves and bandanas – All are great for wrapping smaller gifts; plus, they become a part of the gift themselves.

Sunday comics – These are free, fun, and perfect for kids’ birthdays!

As for gift tags, reuse last year’s holiday cards. Cut off the back of the card with the greeting and the signature, thread a ribbon through a corner of the remaining card, and voila!

When it comes to paper, remember that whatever you can’t reuse, you can recycle.

To see more options, please check out our Amazon store here. We’ve pulled together some recommendations for recycled paper gift wrapping, as well as reusable cloth shopping bags that are perfect for “wrapping” presents.


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