Try This No-Fat Green Smoothie Recipe to Improve Your Health

kale fruit basil sizedOne of the simplest and most affordable ways we can improve our health is by changing what we eat and drink. No wonder HBF, an Australia-based health insurance company, has created the HBF Living Well health hub. In addition to offering lots of helpful suggestions for general health and exercise, the hub includes recipes using all-natural ingredients you can easily find in your grocery store or farmers market.

My favorite is their Green Smoothie Recipe. It combines fresh leafy kale with the juice of a tangy lemon, the sweetness of chopped apple and pear, plus cucumber, basil, filtered water, and ice. The kale is packed with antioxidants, is low in calories and high in fiber and iron. The apple and pear also add fiber and offset the tang of the lemon, while the basil and cucumber make everything taste fresh. Added benefits: all of these foods are available organically, and the entire smoothie only takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Here’s the recipe, with thanks to HBF for sponsoring this post.



green smoothie recipe* 2 large kale leaves

* 1 pear

* 1 green apple

* 1 medium-sized cucumber

* 10 basil leaves

* Juice of one lemon

* 2 cups ice

* 1 cup water


* Blender

* Sharp paring knife

* Cutting board

* Measuring cup

* Lemon juicer


* Strip the kale leaves off their steams; tear into pieces and toss into the blender

* Cut the ends off the cucumber, slice lengthwise, then chop into pieces; add to the blender

* Slice the pear in half, then in quarters, then chop in half; add to the blender

* Slice the apple in half, then in quarters, then chop in half; add to the blender (can substitute a half-cup of apple juice)

* Juice the lemon, remove the seeds, and add to the fruit and veggies

* Add the basil, plus one cup of water and a cup and a half of ice

* Put the lid on the blender and turn it on, using the setting that will liquefy the ingredients.


Want a little variety? Add banana or avocado, or switch out the kale for spinach. It is hard to go wrong with something as easy and nutritious as this.

For more ideas, I hope you’ll check out HBF and their health hub.

Like kale? Try our Kale Cranberry salad.

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