Organic Gardening and Landscaping

zinnia_1There are so many great benefits to organic gardening, I’m not even sure where to begin! For starters, organic gardening is just about the cheapest way to get your own locally grown, organic food. All you need to pay for is a packet of seeds or a tray of seedlings, some compost (unless you’ve also made your own), and water for irrigation. How great is that?! Organic gardening is also a wonderful way to restore the natural balance of your own landscape. With some thought and planning, your garden can attract a whole host of beneficial insects, birds and bees that will work together to create an abundance of food you and your family can enjoy.

organic_tomatoesWhat exactly is organic gardening?

  • Organic gardening involves a “whole system” approach to growing plants that begins with recycling natural materials back into the soil to maintain and increase soil fertility.
  • Organic gardeners strengthen their soil by adding compost, and by mulching (covering the top layer of soil with a couple inches of shredded wood bark, decomposed leaves, or grass clippings to retain moisture).
  • Rather than rely on synthetic pesticides and insecticides, organic gardening encourages natural methods of pest and disease control.
  • Organic gardeners strive to choose plants that are best suited to their soil type, climate and growing conditions because those plants will be less susceptible to disease and pests.
  • Organic gardeners usually grow a wide variety of plants. This diversity helps create a balance in the garden between pests and predators so that no pest builds up to an unacceptable level. A wide variety of plants also attracts an abundance of birds and insects, bringing the garden to life in a busy and productive way.
  • Gardening organically is a way to make your own backyard or landscape reflect the cleaner, greener world you want to live in.

Visit our sister site,, for specific tips on how to get started with organic gardening. You’ll find lots of ideas there for organic landscaping, as well.

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