Fuel-Efficient Cars

Fuel-efficient cars help save money, stop air pollution and reduce climate change. They also reduce our dependence on oil . This matters because:

fuel efficient cars• Even though the U.S. only has about 3 percent of the world’s oil reserves, we consume 25 percent of the petroleum that’s produced worldwide. We use two-thirds of that for transportation.

• Our “addiction to oil” is expensive. Petroleum imports cost the U.S. about $2 billion a week.

• Burning gasoline creates a whole host of environmental problems, from air pollution and smog to global warming and climate change.

• Drilling and transporting oil destroys wilderness and wildlife areas; refining petroleum generates toxic substances and can create hazardous waste sites.

Driving a fuel efficient car helps protect air, water and wildlife. It strengthens national security and improves the quality of our lives overall.

For Your Shopping List

Before you buy a new or used car, check with the U.S. EPA. You can compare the fuel economy leaders of the vehicles you’re interested in and check on the most fuel efficient vehicles available.

The federal government has developed a Fuel Cost Calculator to help you anticipate annual fuel costs, as well as compare gas and money savings between vehicles. It makes clear how much gas and money you can save simply by driving more fuel-efficient cars.

Consider a hybrid. Advantages?

Fuel efficient cars* Combine a smaller gasoline engine with a battery-powered electric motor, so double the mileage of conventional cars (Pictured right – the Prius Hatchback)

* Burn little fuel as you slow down; can come to a complete stop when waiting in traffic

* Recharge the batteries every time you hit the brakes

* No need to plug into an electrical socket; use the same gasoline other cars do, though less of it.

This EPA website compares the fuel-efficiency and environmental impact of the various hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs currently available.

If you already drive a vehicle that runs on diesel, you can convert it to BIOdiesel by combining diesel fuel with vegetable oil – or even use vegetable oil alone.

Electric Vehicles?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, enough excess generating capacity exists at night in the U.S. to charge 180 million electric vehicles (EVs) without adding any new capacity.

Convert your existing hybrid to a “plug-in.”

Try an electric scooter.

Ride an electric bicycle.

Consider an electric moped.

* Shopping for a new car? There are plenty of gas sippers to choose from.



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