Green Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

Green Halloween Trick-or-Treat BagsSkip the plastic pumpkin buckets and throwaway paper sacks in favor of these no-waste green Halloween Trick-or-Treat bags.

* Use an old pillow case the kids decorate themselves. About three inches from the top on each side cut out a wedge of fabric to make a handle. You can sew some basting stitches around the edges to reinforce the holes, but they’ll probably be fine for one night. When Halloween is over and the candy emptied out, wash the bag, then save for next year or cut into dust cloths and cleaning rags.

* Sew together the bottom of an old t-shirt. Then cut around the neck opening to enlarge it enough to make a opening to drop candy into. Tuck in the sleeves, or cut around the sleeve to make handles.

* If you have to get something new, these reusable, easy-to-carry Green Halloween trick-or-treat bags from Chico Bag can hold 25 pounds of candy. And when Halloween is over, they fold up into a tidy little pouch you can store away with the rest of your Halloween stuff.

You can find a few more options in our store on Amazon, where the teeny tiny commission we earn on what you buy helps us stay in business. No obligation, of course, but thanks in advance if you do shop there.


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