Reusable Shopping Bags & Handbags

What would a website titled Big Green Purse be without a section on reusable shopping bags? After all, if we’re going to shift our spending to make a difference, shouldn’t we carry our money around in something that shows we mean what we say?

reusable shopping bagsReusable Shopping Bags

Bring It In a Bag – Handbags, beach bags, grocery bags, and bags to carry wine bottles, all made from jute, handmade paper, and nylon canvas.

ChicoBag – Compact reusable cloth grocery bag that, when stored in its own stuff sack, is no bigger than a small fist. Available in many colors. Sold at Whole Foods and at natural foods stores as well as online. – All kinds of bags: for totes, cosmetics, lunch, travel, wine, diapers, laptops, grocery shopping and produce.

Flip & Tumble – A large nylon bag stylish enough for not just the grocery store, but the department store, too. “Flips” into a small ball you can “tumble” into your purse, then pull out and use in place of a store’s paper or plastic bag.

Envirosax – This beautiful reusable bag holds the equivalent of two plastic bags worth of groceries. It also folds into a portable stuff sack.

Reuse It– This site’s collection includes reusable string bags, ultra compact options, classic-style shopping bags, and money-saving produce and thermal bags.

Reusable Handbags

reusable shopping bagAlchemy Goods – Messenger bags, haversacks, totes, gymbags crafted from recycled vinyl mesh, rubber, and other materials.

Ecoist – Clutch purses, totes, wallets, and handbags fashioned out of movie billboards and discarded candy wrappers and other food packaging. Ecoist plants a tree for every handbag sold.

GypsyStyle Bags – Recycled plastic-fiber bags in bright and cheerful stripes (pictured above left); the large duffle size can double as a beach bag or laundry tote. Take smaller bags to the grocery store, and don’t miss the yoga bag with a handy shoulder strap.


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