Green Fashion

Green fashion refers to more than the color of our clothes. In this day and age, “green” fashion is about the materials used to make our garments and accessories and the people who make them. Green fashion also refers to how clothing, belts, shoes and jewelry are actually manufactured. Many harsh chemicals can be used to soften and process leather and dye fabric, for example. Green fashion practices aim to replace toxic chemicals with those that are plant-based and much more benign.

Water is another issue green fashion tries to address. It takes vast amounts of water to irrigate cotton and other crops used for fiber and to process those fibers into fabric. Plus, rivers and streams are often terribly polluted when waste water contaminated with dyes and other chemicals is dumped into them without being cleaned up.

Happily, as demand for green fashion increases, more options become available. You can now buy clothes made from organic cotton, hemp and recycled fibers and dyed with low-impact dyes. Buying gently worn and vintage clothing has never been more popular. And when it comes to jewelry and accessories, all kinds of greener options are available.

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