Go Green to Save Money

Go green to save money? You bet! In addition to all the other benefits you enjoy when you live green – like improving your health and that of your family, reducing pollution, and helping to stop climate change – going green saves a boatload of money.

We explain how in the following pages. But in a nutshell, it amounts to taking a common-sense approach to what you buy, what you use, and what you throw away.

Simple shifts from throwaway products to reusables offer tremendous savings over time. So does using technology (like programmable thermostats) that save energy at home, and even pumping up your car tires to save money on gas.

Sure, some green things do cost a little more. You might pay a premium for organic food, and yes, solar collectors are more expensive than heating your home with an electric furnace (for now, anyway. Prices are coming down!).

But overall, you can save over $5,000 a year by going green. And once you do, there’s no going back!

Go Green, Save Money

Check out these pages for great tips so you can go green and save money.

You can also download our free money-saving guide here.

Shift & Save – Here’s a list of specific green shifts you can make that will save money immediately.

Sharing Made Simple – We all know sharing makes sense. It can actually be pretty simple, too. Find out how here.

Thrift Shopping – Is there any better way to find gently used appliances, perfectly good clothing, kids’ games and sporting equipment and more? Nope!

Green Back-to-School Shopping Tips – Going back to school doesn’t have to be a budget buster with these cost-saving suggestions.

Afford Organic Food! Top Ten Organic Food $$$ Busters – Yes, at times organic food will cost more. But you may have more room in your food budget once you look at our suggestions for economizing and making smart purchases.

Beat High Gas Prices – These tips really make sense. Why spend money on gas you don’t need to?

Go Green. Save Money. Guaranteed!

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