Can You Give to Just One of These 12 Eco Charities On Giving Tuesday?

On Giving Tuesday, here are 12 charities worthy of your contributions. They’ll thank you, the people they help will thank you, and Mother Nature will thank you, too!

Nature and Wildernessarctic wildlife refugeAlaska Wilderness League leads the effort to preserve wild lands and waters in Alaska. I’ve served on their board and worked with them on many campaigns to keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Their work is particularly important right now, as the Trump Administration has set its sights on opening the refuge to drilling, which would destroy habitat for millions of animals, including calving caribou and denning polar bears.

giving Tuesday

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has successfully helped protect wilderness lands in the heart of the Colorado Plateau. I worked with them to help create the 2.3 million acre Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Now they’re battling to keep that region off limits to development, along with the gorgeous Bears Ears National Monument. If you love the wild, wild West, support SUWA!

giving Tuesday

Center for Biological Diversity proclaims their mission simply but boldly: Saving life on Earth. Right now, the group is fighting to protect elephants, wolves and bears, and make sure the effective Endangered Species Act is not abolished.

giving Tuesday

The Jane Goodall Institute works to inspire people to “conserve the natural world we all share,” thereby improving the lives of people, animals and the environment. “Everything is connected–everyone can make a difference.” I should note that Jane Goodall inspired me to become a conservationist when I was just a young girl. She continues to inspire and motivate me!

Climate Change

giving Tuesday

Moms Clean Air Force is mobilizing one million parents, especially moms, to help stop climate change, advance clean energy, and protect the air we breathe. I’m proud to say I’ve been a member for years, and have written dozens of articles for them on climate science, plastics and toxic chemicals, and more.

By the way, Moms Clean Air Force made my list of “5 Trustworthy Climate Change News Sources You May Not Know About.” What are the others?


giving Tuesday

Chesapeake Climate Action Network has devoted the last 10 years to fighting global warming, mountaintop removal, coal mining, and fracking while advocating for solar and wind power. They’re doing a great job protecting the nation’s Chesapeake Bay region and one of the most important estuaries in the United States.

Toxic Chemicalsgiving Tuesday

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families is leading the charge to protect families from toxic chemicals. In a recent major victory, they persuaded seven major retailers to commit to reduce their use of toxic chemicals in products and packaging. Yay!womens


giving Tuesday

Womens Voices for the Earth researches the impact that toxic chemicals in women’s hygiene and home cleaning products have on women’s health, then mounts campaigns to pressure manufacturers to clean up those products. They’re tackling some of the most toxic chemicals in the everyday products we buy – and helping to get rid of them!

giving Tuesday

Savvy Women’s Alliance is creating a national network of community chapters for people who want to live non-toxic lives. The group offers regular healthy living tips and many other resources to help you get off the bad stuff and onto the good stuff.

Family Planning

giving Tuesday

Planned Parenthood is on the list because they provide essential reproductive services and birth control that help limit population growth. Population growth has huge environmental impacts – more people mean greater demand for natural resources which leads to more consumption and waste. Climate change, water scarcity, air pollution are all linked to population growth. Planned Parenthood directly benefits women and Mother Nature both.

Environmental Justicegiving Tuesday

Dig Deep brings an essential natural resource to thousands of Americans who don’t have it: clean water. As hard as that is to believe, it’s true. Families living across the western US don’t have indoor plumbing or clean water to drink. Dig Deep is changing that by helping these communities dig wells and create low-cost systems that bring safe, hot and cold water into homes, schools and community centers.

I took Dig Deep’s 4 Liters Challenge and lived on 4 liters of water – only 1 gallon- for just one day. Could you do it? Read all about it here. 

Plastic Free

giving Tuesday

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is on a mission to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, and the environment. It’s mobilized a coalition of 500 member organizations, plus many individuals, that is working to find sustainable solutions to stop plastic pollution and empower you and me to list plastic-free.

Want to consider other organizations for Giving Tuesday? Check out Great Non Profits, a non-profit itself that makes it easy to find organizations doing good work on the issues you care about most.

You can skip to their list of environmental groups by clicking here.

Once you’re on the site, you can also easily find charities working to stop fracking, protect animals, safeguard clean water, and more.

Thanks for giving!


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4 Responses to Can You Give to Just One of These 12 Eco Charities On Giving Tuesday?

  1. Mike Schade November 28, 2017 at 10:02 am #

    Thank you, Diane, so much for recommending SCHF amidst all these other great NGO’s on this important day.

    We really appreciate your support and ongoing partnership! 🙂

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Best, Mike.

    • Diane November 28, 2017 at 2:05 pm #

      My thanks to all of you! Let’s try to work more closely together in 2018. You’re on my list of organizations I’d like to get more engaged with. Happy holidays.

  2. Beth Kemler November 28, 2017 at 11:08 am #

    Thank you so much for highlighting Safer Chemicals Healthy Families! We really appreciate your support!

    • Diane November 28, 2017 at 2:04 pm #

      Of course! You guys rock. Thanks for making such a big difference and doing so much good.

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