Friday Feedback: Here’s What YOU Have to Say

So many of you are sending such thoughtful comments and questions, I want to share them with the rest of the Big Green Purse blog community. Keep the feedback coming – either here or to me personally at I’ll be posting regular roundup columns, and would love to highlight what you have to say.

** The blogs on lead-free toys generated a lot of queries.  Safe_toys_3

Some readers wondered where to find home lead-test kits (try Joan, a Tupperware representative, wrote to say that Tupperware toys are lead free and suggested people check out Tuppertoys.

**  My recommendations to switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs also got your attention. Wrote Timothy Latz, editor of,  “While CFL’s are an energy efficent way to reduce energy and lower the carbon footprint, more attention needs to be paid to developing recycling programs to keep them out of the landfills…While some cities offer this service, there are also web-based companies like that cost a bit of money to send back bulbs for recycling. IKEA is the only US retailer that currently will accept CFL bulbs for recycling, hopefully other bigger chains will follow..Great article on the subject. It’s important to demand from retailers a little green accountability!” I agree, Tim. Thanks for the info.

**  Jay Holgate of,  loves our One in a Million campaign to encourage people to shift money to eco-products. “Our Atlanta courier company (Green Express) switched to hybrids in January and we have already saved over $3000 in fuel cost. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 30 tons since January. We also have reduced our paper usage by 74% and we recycle almost everything.  Keep up the good work.” Thanks, Jay. You, too.

**  Robin of Monterey Bay, CA, wrote to say “I love hearing the truth: "Just how does Crest slip a little Nature into its tubes? (I POSTED)  Mostly, by the power of suggestion." Thanks, Robin, and thanks to everyone else for sharing your ideas and input. Keep those e-mails coming!

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