Forbo Floors Puts the “Green” Back in Linoleum

If redoing your floor is at the top of your home remodel list in 2008, make sure you check out Forbo.

Restile The company specializes in environmentally-friendly, fashionably designed linoleum. Its Marmoleum brand, made from linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, jute and limestone, has earned rave reviews not only because it comes in enough colors to satisfy Picasso.  Marmoleum is made with natural raw materials and solvent-free adhesives that emit no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it won’t give you a headache or otherwise pollute the air after it’s been laid down. In fact, Marmoleum has no adverse health effects whatsoever, either during production, its useful life, or disposal.  Even if your biggest concern is dust, Marmoleum is a winner, since the product’s anti-static properties mean that dust and dirt don’t easily stick to it.

Marmoleum_home What makes Marmoelum so “eco” is Forbo’s attention to the product’s “life cycle”: the raw materials it is made with, how they’re manufactured, and ultimately, how they’re reused or disposed at the end of their useful life. The company meets the Big Green Purse "who else says so?" principle for production (and marketing) by undergoing 3rd party verification of all its “good and green” claims. In this case, Marmoleum has achieved the SMART © Sustainable Product Platinum rating, meaning it creates almost no environmental impact: Raw materials and energy are used efficiently, waste is recycled wherever possible, and emissions are kept to an absolute minimum (in other words, the floor you buy can help reduce climate change).

What about price?

As Mary Hunt points out over at, “It’s less expensive than granite, but like granite can be used in counter tops as well as flooring. (While granite may be "natural" it isn’t necessarily sustainable. You’ve seen what open mines look like, right?)”

With so much talk going on these days about what’s “green” and what’s being “greenwashed,” Forbo and its Marmoleum floors are the real deal, and they’re backed up by standards to prove it.

Thumb_green Thumbs up, Forbo.

4 Responses to Forbo Floors Puts the “Green” Back in Linoleum

  1. Theresa Lorenzi December 10, 2007 at 8:46 am #

    Thanks so much for noticing! Forbo takes a great deal of pride in being a leader and educator in the sustainable movement. It is great to see that people are beginning to realize what a sustainable product really is. Thank you for letting your readers know about Marmoleum and SMART certified products!!
    Theresa Lorenzi
    Marketing Manager, Forbo Flooring Systems.

  2. Stefan D December 14, 2007 at 8:01 am #

    Hi Diane,
    Great site. We have added you to our blog roll– I was hoping we could exchange links.

  3. Drew Jones September 12, 2008 at 9:01 am #

    To bad it takes 500 gallons of fuel(green –hmmmm) to get the product here from overseas. Not to mention that it can’t be manufactured in the USA.

  4. Green Tiles August 8, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Nice posting! Using green for the flooring is just fabulous.

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