Essential Oils: What They Can Do, & What They Can’t

Essential oils can pep you up, make you happy, clear your head, and soothe dry skin. Some oils actually have germ-fighting capabilities. Others can help you ward off a cold. But there are so many essential oils, which ones help you with what ailment? And how should you use them so they work their magic without any ill effects?

Rocky Mountain Oils has pulled together this infographic to explain what essential oils are, what they can do, and how to use them. I hope you find it useful. I sure did!


NOTE: Although Rocky Mountain Oils hasn’t gone through the process needed to be able to label its bottles as certified organic, the company makes the following assertions: “Our oils have not been adulterated with fillers, synthetics or fragrance enhancers in any way. We have all the oils GC/MS tested to ensure that there are no added chemicals, pollutants, or pesticides in the oils that we offer. Check out this page on our S.A.A.F.E Promise. We offer the test results on the website for each oil by the batch code on the bottom of the bottle.”

* This post was sponsored by Rocky Mountain Oils. Sponsorships enable us to provide expert content at no cost to you. Our editorial opinions remain our own.

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