Environmental Risks to Women’s Health

women's environmental health  “Being forewarned is being forearmed.” That’s good advice for us all, given the environmental risks to women’s health that seem to be discovered with increasing frequency these days.

It’s such a big topic, it might be easier to grasp by taking a look at some of the most serious risks one-by-one. The following links will take you to resources on many of the environmental risks to women’s health that  pose the greatest threat today.

You can minimize many of these risks by shifting your lifestyle — and your spending — to the greenest products and services available. But overall, we need meaningful public policy changes to have the comprehensive health impact we need. That’s why we advocate voting with your political vote as well as your pocketbook.



Visit our sister site, theworldwomenwant.com, for these other helpful  resources to keep you and your family healthy: A Family Guide: 20 Steps to Personal Environmental Health How to Protect Children – from air pollution, lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, contaminated water, and other pollutants  

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