energy usage pie chartYour home energy system is important. Why? When it comes to heating and cooling your home:

  • Heating accounts for the biggest chunk of most utility bills – and offers the most opportunities for money and energy savings.
  • The energy used by the average home generates twice as much pollution as the average car.
  • Most of the pollution we generate at home comes from our heating and cooling systems and the electricity we use to power our appliances.

An important way to protect the environment and your health is by using clean, renewable power for home energy.  Renewable energy sources can power your home, help you save money on your electricity bill, reduce pollution, and increase national security.  Here’s how:

Solar Panels

Wind Power


Where should you buy clean, renewable home energy?

Where you buy your power can make a difference, too. Here’s a look at how you can access wind power through your local utility if you choose that as your home energy source.


Top 10 Ways to Beat the High Price of Gas

Top 10 Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home


American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Energy-Efficient Mortgages & Tax Credits

Want to save money on your utility bills by adding energy efficiency features to a new or existing house. You may quality for FHA’s Energy Efficient Mortgage program. Here’s the link.

You can find out if your energy efficiency improvements qualify for tax credits here.

These utilities and states offer rebates for installing energy-efficient windows.

Check with your local utility for other rebates available when you make energy efficiency improvements to your home or buy an energy-efficient appliance.

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