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Holiday lights

Holiday Lights LED GreenBrighten up your holidays with LEDs, “light emitting diodes” that are just as cheerful as mini-incandescents but 80% - 90% more energy-efficient. A string of 300 mini’s cost on average $13.12 to operate; LEDs use so little energy, 300 of them will only cost $1.25 to power up.

Available at:
• most hardware stores

Brookstone ($19.95/strand) in soft white or multi-colors

Forever Bright LED Lights as icicle lights, snowflakes and strands ($13.95 - $26.95 strand)

* Ace Hardware


What about candles?

We have also lit up our tree using real candles and candle holders that clip on to individual branches (this works best on a fir or other short-needled tree with individual, rather than clumping, branches). The effect of candles burning on a live tree is absolutely magical (but keep a fire extinguisher or a couple of pails of water handy just in case).

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