Clothes dryers

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dryer.jpgEnergy Star does not label clothes dryers because most dryers use similar amounts of energy. You can save the most energy by using a gas dryer, rather than an electric model.


More Energy Saving Tips:

• Use the moisture sensor option on your dryer, which automatically shuts off the machine when the clothes are dry. A moisture sensor typically cuts energy use by about 10 to 15%.
• If your clothes washer has spin options, choose a high spin speed or extended spin option to reduce the amount of remaining moisture, thus starting the drying process before you put your clothes in the dryer.
• Dry only full loads, but don't overload the machine. Separating loads into heavy and light items will also help save drying time.
• Dry loads consecutively to take advantage of the built-up heat.
• Don't overdry clothes. In fact, remove clothes when they are slightly damp and hand press or hang up to minimize wrinkling and ironing needs.
• Use a “solar” clothes dryer – hang your clothes on a clothesline to dry outside and save 100% of the energy you would use in any other kind of dryer. For small loads of laundry, use an indoor drying rack.

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