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Our Team

big1.jpgDiane MacEachern
Founder, Big Green Purse

Diane is passionate about empowering women to use their marketplace clout to protect the environment. A best-selling author, successful entepreneur, sought-sfter public speaker and long-time conservationist, she has launched the only company in the U.S. dedicated specifically to transforming women's environmental concerns into measurable improvements in our quality of life. Read full bio...

Ben DappenBen Dappen

Ben works as webmaster for Big Green Purse and our sister site,, as well as our blog. He's a trouble shooter on our newsletter, Green Purse Alerts! and helps maintain the One in a Million network. Ben's expertise derives from the websites he has  constructed and maintained for a number of non-profits over the last five years, including: Forest Trends, The Katoomba Group, and Ecoagriculture Partners. Ben brings a fresh eye, a contemporary attitude, and great technical expertise to the reams of new content being added to Big Green Purse day after day.


Dawn BaronDawn Barron

Strategic Marketing

Dawn Baron, a seasoned MBA and founder of PassionProfitsConsulting, Inc., guides Big Green Purse in developing partnerships with trade associations, corporations, and non-profit organizations. She honed her marketing skills as Vice President of Marketing for the American Society for Training & Development, the largest professional society for learning, training, and development, and at the University of Maryland Center for Quality & Productivity. Dawn has also served as a U.S. Corporate Ambassador with Vital Voices, a U.S. Department of State funded, non-governmental organization (NGO) that identifies, trains, and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe.



Melissa Bear

 Melissa Bear

Advertising, Promotion

Melissa is the "Jack of All Trades" at Big Green Purse. She manages our AdBuddies, develops promotional materials, and handles Diane's speaking engagements. She's great to have around when we exhibit at conferences and workshops, too. A former teacher with a Master's Degree in education, no one's more organized or quicker at getting a job done.



 Tracy Gaudet 

Social Networking, Research

Tracy is our Facebook guru and helps research content for our blog and website. Catch her own efforts to live a greener life at





Internships at Big Green Purse

Big Green Purse interns do "real work" that helps prepare them for professional employment.

Though our interns are usually college students, we also award internships to professionals looking to change careers and to stay-at-home moms who want to re-enter the work force with new skills and a deeper understanding of environmental issues. If you are eager for hands-on experience that will strengthen existing abilities and build new ones, please apply for a Big Green Purse internship. We prefer that you work in our office at least some part of every week, but we also support telecommuting and other creative approaches that meet both your needs and ours.

Big Green Purse Interns have come from:

Notre Dame

Georgetown University

Washington University/St. Louis

University of Maryland

Elon University

American University


Available Internships:

Social Networking Intern - Ramp up awareness of how shoppers can make their money matter when it comes to protecting the planet. As the Social Networking Intern at Big Green Purse, you'll maximize our presence on key social media sites (Facebook, Gather, and Twitter, among others. You'll help track consumer movements and trends that have the most clout in motivating pollution-free manufacturing. You'll also write new content for  Interested? Send a cover letter explaining your experience with social networks (it could be your own pages on FaceBook), two writing samples (could be links to other online postings), and at least one reference to

Shout Out (i.e., PR/Publicity) Intern - Big Green Purse has already won the "best green website" award from FutureNow. But we still want more consumers to know what a great resource we offer. As the Shout Out Intern at Big Green Purse, you'll make sure our target audiences (women of all ages, consumers, green companies), not only know about Big Green Purse but are linking to us, using our content, sponsoring contests with us, and otherwise featuring the Big Green Purse message on their own websites.  Interested?  Send a cover letter explaining your publicity and promotion experience, two writing samples, and two references to

YouTube Intern - Big Green Purse is eager to develop its presence on YouTube. We have some videos of our own, but we're looking for creative ways to enhance the video content on as well as on YouTube. As the YouTube Intern, you'll scan YouTube and other video sites for videos we should link to. You'll help us dream up ways to create our own videos (like a Big Green Purse green shopping video contest?). And you'll approach other video sites about partnering with Big Green Purse. Interested? Send a cover letter highlighting your "YouTube Guru" credentials plus relevant video clips or writing samples, and two references, to

One in a Million Intern - Big Green Purse has launched a campaign to encourage a million women to shift $1,000 of their annual budgets to products and services that offer the greatest environmental benefit. As the One in a Million Guru, you'll help us reach that goal by  engaging women through social media networks, mainstream media (women's magazines, women's tv shows), contests, newsletter updates, and more. Interested? Send a cover letter highlighting any public relations, publicity or media campaign experience you have, plus two writing samples, and two references to

Traffic Intern - Big Green Purse is steadily attracting more visitors. But in order to be truly effective, we have to reach even more people. As the Traffic Guru at Big Green Purse, you'll help brainstorm and implement ways to increase traffic to the website and blog. Love staging contests? Come on over to Big Green Purse. Want to organize advertising exchanges with high-visibility sites? Do it with us. Enjoy thinking about "wild and crazy ideas" that attract attention while driving home their point? We're the place to give it a go. Interested? Send a cover letter explaining your qualifications, plus two writing samples and two references to

Your Own Idea Intern - Do you love the idea of using consumer clout to protect the environment, but don't see an internship description that pushes your buttons? Don't let that stop you. Get in touch and let's brainstorm together. We're creating an exciting consumer movement to protect the planet, and we'd love to have you involved. Send your ideas and suggestions to




Course credit - We'll provide documentation if you want to work with us as part of your normal class work, or if you want to use your Big Green Purse internship to meet other academic requirements.

Job Opportunities/Recommendation - We'll provide a recommendation to future employers, and be available for phone conversation as well. We're also happy to forward job announcements to you as we hear about them.

Financial Payment - Though we are not paying interns right now, we hope to offer hourly payment as our traffic and revenue grow.

Free Autographed Copies of Our Popular New Book - Our newest book, Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World, is loaded with great green shopping and living advice and links to hundreds of great websites. We'd be honored to autograph a free copy for you, and one for your mother, too! 
Free Shade-Grown Coffee and Organic Tea - Just to make our meetings more fun, we'll buy the drinks when we get together for our weekly meetings.


Contact Us:

Have questions? Or are you just ready to go for it?

Contact Diane MacEachern at

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